Past Conferences

Each year, GCFV holds a Statewide Family Violence Conference in the state of Georgia. These annual conferences are an opportunity for people from a variety of backgrounds - law enforcement, clergy, shelter employees, survivors of domestic violence, legislators, judges, probation officers, child advocates and many more - to come together and discuss strategies to end family violence in Georgia. The location and theme of the conference changes every year.

  • 2023

    "Evolving Responses: What Communities Can Do To Reduce Family Violence" The Jekyll Island Convention Center, Jekyll Island, Ga. September 17-20,2023,  Keynote speakers: Leslie Morgan Steiner, Dr. Neil Websdale and Dr. April Zeoli.

  • 2022

    "Widening the Lens: An Inclusive Response to Family Violence" The Classic Center, Athens, Georgia, September 25-28, 2022  Keynote speakers: Sgt. Michael Crumrine, Adam Dodge, Dr. Tommy Snow

  • 2021


    "Moving Forward, Achieving Justice"

    Fully Virtual Conference

    November 8th- 10th, 2021

    Keynote speakers: Dr. Carolyn West, Mekisha Jane Walker and Mimi Kim

  • 2020

    "Crafting a Coordinated Community Response: Working Together to Address Relationship Violence"

    The Commission's First Fully Virtual Conference

    Conference website:

    September 14th - September 16th, 2020

    Keynote speakers: Rachel Louise Snyder, Chong Kim, Bristol County Domestic Violence High Risk Team

  • 2019

    "Supporting Survivors and Restoring Hope: 25 Years Ago to 25 Years Ahead"

    The Classic Center
    Athens, Georgia

    September 9th - September 11th, 2019

    Keynote speakers: Vanessa McNeal, Melissa Jeltsen, High Point North Carolina Collaborative

  • 2018

    "Beyond the Bruising: Unraveling the Complexities of Domestic Violence"

    The Jekyll Island Convention Center
    Jekyll Island, GA

    September 9th - September 12th, 2018

    Keynote speakers: Beverly Gooden and Evan Stark

  • 2017

    "Maintaining Our Momentum: Proven and Promising Practices to End Family Violence"

    The Classic Center
    Athens, Georgia

    November 5-7, 2017

    Keynote speakers: Anjana Freeman, April Ross, Jacquelyn Campbell


  • 2016

    "Mending the Ties that Bind: Domestic Violence and the Family Unit"

    The Jekyll Island Convention Center
    Jekyll Island, GA

    September 18 - September 21, 2016

    Keynote speakers: Susan Still, Casey Keene, Johnny Rice, II, Zulema (Ruby) White Starr, Lundy Bancroft


  • 2015

    "Addressing Domestic Violence in the 21st Century: Where Do We Go From Here"

    The Classic Center
    Athens, Georgia

    September 27-30th, 2015

    Keynote speakers: Kit Gruelle, J. Staley Heatly & Jeff Case, Christy Sims

  • 2014

    "Reflecting, Refocusing and Rejuvenating: 20 Years of Domestic Violence in Georgia"

    The Jekyll Island Convention Center
    Jekyll Island, Georgia

    September 29th-October 1st, 2014

    Keynote speakers: Jill Davies, Ulester Douglas, Casey Gwinn

  • 2013

    "Justice Across Generations: Framing a Commitment to End Family Violence"

    Legacy Lodge and Conference Center at Lake Lanier Islands
    Lake Lanier, Georgia

    September 9-10th, 2013

    Keynote speakers: Olga Trujillo, Kristen Weber

  • 2012

    "Safety, Autonomy & Accountability: Envisioning a Society Without Violence"

    Macon Marriot City Center
    Macon, Georgia

    September 24-25th, 2012

    Keynote speakers: Lt. Mark Wynn and Dr. Julia Perilla.

  • 2011

    "There’s No One Solution: Integrating Prevention and Intervention Against Domestic Violence"

    Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel
    Atlanta, Georgia

    September 12-13th, 2011

    Keynote speakers: Dr. T.K. Logan, Pearl Cleage, Dr. Andra T. Tharp

  • 2010

    "No More 'Either/Or': Bridging Community and System Responses to Domestic Violence"

    Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center
    Peachtree City, Georgia

    September 12‐14th, 2010

    Keynote speakers: Hon. Susan Carbon, Dr. Evan Stark, Mr. Jeremy NeVilles-Sorell

  • 2008

    "Building a Safer Future: A Commitment to Our Children"

    Hyatt Regency
    Savannah, Georgia

    September 7-10th, 2008

    Keynote speakers: Atum Azzahir and Lundy Bancroft

  • 2007

    "Paths Converging for Social Justice" Hyatt Regency Savannah, Georgia September 9-12th, 2007 Keynote speakers: Tony Porter and Kit Gruelle

  • 2006

    "Redefining Best Practices...through the Survivor's Eyes" Savannah Marriott Riverfront Savannah, Georgia November 5-8th, 2006 Keynote speakers: Olga Trujillo and Zulema Ruby White-Starr

  • 2005

    "Inspiring Change: A Coordinated Community Response to Victim Safety" Renaissance PineIsle Resort Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia September 14-16, 2005 Keynote speakers: Honorable Mike Brigner and Connie Sponsler

  • 2002

    9th Annual Statewide Conference Callaway Gardens Pine Mountain, Georgia

  • 2000

    "Building Bridges, Overcoming Obstacles" Macon Centreplex Macon, Georgia September 21-22, 2000 Keynote speaker: Barbara Hart

  • 1999

    "Balancing the Scales: Working Together to Achieve Justice for Victims of Domestic Violence" Macon Centreplex Macon, Georgia September 23-24, 1999 Keynote speakers: Judge Lynn Tepper and Donna Edwards

  • 1998

    "Putting the Pieces Together: A Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence in Georgia’s Communities" Macon Centreplex Macon, Georgia September 24-25, 1998 Keynote speakers: Lt. Mark Wynn and Dr. Sharon Ellis

  • 1997

    "Creating Community Safety: Quality Interventions & Collaboration" Macon Centreplex Macon, Georgia September 25-26, 1997 Keynote speaker: Sarah Buel, Esq.