Child Welfare Training Collaborative

The Child Welfare Training Collaborative (CWTC) offers training to community partners (e.g. DFCS, law enforcement, placement providers, early care, education, behavioral health, juvenile courts, pediatric health providers, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and other community and government organizations) throughout the state of Georgia. Bringing everyone to the same table creates an opportunity for community partners to have a shared understanding of issues facing children and families and also strengthens collaborations to promote better outcomes for Georgia’s children. 

CWTC is a partnership between the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services and Georgia State University’s School of Social Work Professional Excellence Program. Training is available to any community in the state at no cost to participants. 

Trainings offered:

The Trauma 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Children, Brain Development 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Brain Development, and Trauma/Brain 201: Building Resiliency courses are currently available for scheduling.

  • The current calendar and registration information can be found on the calendar page.
  • If you are interested in bringing training to your community, please email [email protected], or complete the schedule training form.
  • The 101 workshops are approved for 3 hours of MSW (core), LPC & LMFT (related), DECAL and POST continuing education. The 201 workshop is approved for 5 hours. GCFV has approved the 101 trainings for 3 FVIP CE hours and the 201 training for 5 FVIP CE hours. 
  • It is suggested that you take a course offered in your community to build collaborative skills and relationships with professionals in your area.

The following order is suggested for completing courses:

  • Trauma 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Children
  • Brain 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Brain Development
  • Trauma/Brain 201: Building Resiliency