FVIP Updates

Dear FVIP providers,

In late March, we announced the temporary suspension of the rule governing FVIPs which prohibits online classes. The DCS board granted this waiver until the governor lifted the state of emergency, at which point regular classes were to resume. As you may be aware, after several extensions the state of emergency is set to expire on July 12, 2020.

As we began contemplating the approaching transition back to in person classes and in light of ongoing concerns about coronavirus transmissions, we decided to seek an extension of the waiver. After presenting this request to DCS board members last week, we were granted an extension of the waiver through the end of this calendar year (December 31, 2020). As I have previously stated, the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the future impact of the virus means that we all need to continue to be adaptable and patient. As the year end approaches, we will assess where things stand and make a determination about how to proceed at that time. 

While you may choose to continue offering online classes, whether to do so or bring participants into your facilities for classes is totally up to you. It is our intention that this waiver gives you the ability to make the best operating decision for your program. The health and safety of everyone involved is paramount. We must continue to stress the importance of adopting and enforcing the guidelines set forth by the CDC and state public health officials should you resume in-person interactions. For your reference, we have attached the guidelines provided by DCS for conducting group classes, but please visit www.cdc.gov for more complete guidelines. 

On a final note, we have all learned quite a lot about conducting online FVIP classes in these few months. We were grateful for the unique opportunity we had to observe many online sessions over such a short period of time. After numerous observations and feedback, we've compiled guidelines and best practices for the online class setting to aid moving forward in this environment. Also remember that all other rules governing FVIPs are still in full effect. 

Thank you for your patience and efforts to keep this work going. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you. 


Warmest regards,

April W. Ross

Executive Director, GCFV

Main 404-657-3412

Download this pdf file. GCFV's Guidelines for In-Person Classes

Download this pdf file. GCFV's Guidelines for Virtual Classes

For more information Contact:

Jameelah Ferrell, FVIP Supervisor 

Nadege Delva, FVIP Coordinator