GCFV Portal

As of August 1st, 2016, FVIPs will use the GCFV Portal to report participants, locations, classes, victim liaisons and facilitators. Certification and recertification documents must still be mailed in at this time.  

Refer to the Release Notes, Instructional Videos and Presentation Below. Instructions for how to navigate the new GCFV Portal are within these documents. If you have questions, please contact Jameelah Ferrell.


Submit New Facilitators Through The Portal

If you have a new facilitator who meets all the approval requirements, you can now submit them to GCFV for approval through the GCFV Portal. Please apply for facilitator approval only once the facilitator has met the following requirements: 

  • 84 hours of documented direct face-to-face contact co-facilitating or participation as a trainee in a certified Family Violence Intervention Program. You must indicate at which certified FVIP(s) and with which approved FVIP Facilitator(s) they completed their trainee/co-facilitation hours.  
  • 40 hours of documented coordinated community response participation. You must include a detailed description of the activity/meeting, date, location, duration, and any other pertinent details. 
  • 40 hours of GCFV approved training. Include the training title, course instructor, date(s) of the training, approved hours and any other pertinent details. Only trainings that have been approved by GCFV for FVIP hours will be accepted. Please attach all training certificates in the Document section.
  • 4 hours of documented experiential education with other members of the coordinated community response to domestic violence. You must include a detailed description of the activity, date, location, duration, and any other pertinent details. 
  • Undergraduate degree or 2 years of work with batterers, victims or victim liaisons. You will be required to provide details of the college/university and/or experience of the facilitator.

Once you complete the application on the GCFV Portal, Jameelah Ferrell will review all of the information and documents submitted. If your application is incomplete, it will either be returned to you through the GCFV Portal for more information or denied. 

Please watch the following instructional videos to learn more:
Submit a Facilitator for Approval Video
Edit Facilitator Application Video
Application Returned for More Information Video


Instructional Videos