Mission & Purpose


The Georgia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Project seeks to enhance the safety of victims and the accountability of batterers. The Project does this by conducting detailed reviews of fatalities and near-fatalities and by preparing, publishing, and disseminating objective information gained from these reviews. The resulting information is used as a tool for identifying gaps in system responses, improving statewide data collection, and implementing recommendations to create a coordinated community approach to ending domestic violence through enhancing efforts to train systems on better responses, identifying critical points for intervention and prevention, and providing a forum for increasing communication and collaboration among community agencies.​


  • To raise awareness and promote critical thinking about the problem of domestic violence as a means of fostering conversation and collaboration statewide.

  • To give a voice to the victims and their loved ones so that we may learn from their experiences as we seek to prevent future tragedies.

  • To expose and explore the dangers created when individuals or systems engage, consciously or unconsciously, in victim-blaming.  Understanding how a culture of victim-blaming can be fatal for victims of domestic violence is essential to promoting safety and justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators.

  • To serve as a practical tool for all those who wish to eliminate this violence in Georgia.  By providing current data and analysis, mapping trends, summarizing recent history, and exposing barriers to safety and survival, our intention is that this tool will inspire and drive changes in our systems and our culture.