Fatality Review Annual Report

For 15 years, the Georgia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Project published an Annual Report containing the statistical compilation of fatality reviews, critical findings and crucial recommendations for change. The Annual Reports, though diverse in design, provided useful information for use in local communities and statewide advocacy. Whether frontline responders, justice system personnel, advocates or family and friends of those affected by domestic violence, the report sought to provide information that might be used to prevent future domestic violence incidents and related deaths. 

The 2018 Georgia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Project Annual Report is the Project's final and serves as a capstone for all previous reports. The Report draws on many valuable lessons learned from a decade-and-a-half of reviews and analysis, and provides an overview of all we have learned, both in Georgia and nationally, about gaps in the systemic response to domestic violence and the circumstances which surround deaths which have occurred as a result of relationship violence. The report includes an analysis of the Project’s accomplishments as well as lethality indicators identified through fatality reviews, and identifies 10 key goals to improve domestic violence response in Georgia. Each has great potential to increase safety for victims, strengthen accountability for abusers, and reduce the number of domestic violence-related fatalities in Georgia.