Section 6. Support for Family Violence Task Forces

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We’re here to Help!

GCFV will support you in starting and leading your FVTF. Please contact us to discuss starting, re-starting, or maintaining a FVTF in your area.

Contact Family Violence Coordinator

Stacey Seldon

Stacey is the agency's best point of contact on issues including:

  • Family Violence Task Forces

Technical assistance includes:

  1. Starting and Maintaining a FVTF - GCFV will provide support as you begin to develop and strategize on starting a local FVTF.  We will continue to provide support as your FVTF moves through the stages of development.
  2. Training for FVTFs - GCFV will work with you to provide training on family violence issues, including fatality review findings, legislative updates, and domestic violence dynamics.  Additional training offerings include the Annual Statewide Conference, Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) support and training, and law enforcement training.
  3. FVTF Leadership Academy - GCFV provides FVTF leaders with the opportunity to learn more about the Duluth Model and FVTF organizing skills.

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