FVIP Certification

The information contained on this page is in effect until December 31, 2018. 


If you are interested in becoming a certified Family Violence Intervention Progam (FVIP), please watch the video and review the documents below.

*Please note FVIPS no longer use the Registrar system. 

Program Certification Requirements

  • Forms that meet the standards for Georgia's Rules for Family Violence Intervention Programs
  • Signed and up-to-date contract with the victim liaison agency
  • General liability insurance of at least one million dollars
  • Proof of the owner's identity
  • Location(s) and class schedule(s)
  • List of any and all approved facilitators
  • Certification fee of $150 per judicial circuit location
  • Once certified, programs must complete recertification every 2 years. 

Facilitator Approval Requirements

  • 84 hours of documented direct face-to-face contact facilitating or co-facilitating or participation as a trainee in a certified Family Violence Intervention Program;
  • 40 hours of documented coordinated community response participation;
  • 40 hours of GCFV approved training. Only trainings that have been approved by GCFV for FVIP hours will be accepted;
  • 4 hours of documented experiential education with other members of the coordinated community response to domestic violence;
  • Ongoing participation in your local Family Violence Task Force;
  • Undergraduate degree or 2 years of experience of work with batterers, victims or victim liaisons;
  • Criminal background check;
  • Once approved, facilitators must complete reapproval every 2 years (8 hours of GCFV-approved training annually and 4 hours of experiential education). Please use the FVIP Continuing Education Form below. 

GCFV Approved Training

Please view our events for approved trainings. Not all trainings are approved for FVIP training hours. If a training is approved, it will be listed in the description.

Submitting Documents

Please submit documents for certifications and recertifications by mailing them to 270 Washington Street SW, Suite 5145, Atlanta, GA 30334.

GCFV Portal

If you do not have an account with the GCFV Portal, contact Jameelah Ferrell and one wil be issued to you.

You will use the GCFV Portal to notify GCFV of your new monthly participants, update your class times and locations, and pay fees. 

You will also apply for new Facilitator approval using the GCFV Portal. 

Please contact Jameelah Ferrell with any questions.