Training Description

In this intensive 3-day training,

participants will learn:


  • To develop and refine a clear and concise analysis of the etiology of battering, abuse, and harm.
  • To make certain that intervention models are in line with program philosophy.
  • Strategies which lead to meaningful program design.
  • How to implement all or portions of the Conceptual Clarity Curriculum.
  • Critical thinking in the design and development of tools for BIPs.
  • To understand the key components in developing a self-paced stage model for BIP.
  • Options for documentation of participant progress.
  • To increase knowledge about building community partnerships.
  • Specific “in the room” intervention tools.
  • Skills to promote discussions on accountability.


Training topics will include:

  • Conceptual Clarity Curriculum Model and Accountability Workbook.
  • From Theory to Practice, effective methods of intervening with those who batter, abuse, and cause harm.
  • Extensive tools for use in any BIP.
  • Effective program design, development, groupwork methodology and practice.
  • Seeking and developing support within the community


Additional opportunities and resources:

  1. Supervision groups
  2. Individualized training and consultation
  3. Video training materials
  4. Personalized workbooks at a reduced cost
  5. Will receive    
  6. 5 reasons worksheet
  7. Revised PC wheel
  8. Various program handouts