One of the major goals of family violence intervention programs is assisting perpetrators in accepting full responsibility and accountability for their abusive actions.   Most perpetrators’ explanations of abuse promote an avoidance of responsibility.   In order to accept responsibility, the perpetrator must fully acknowledge the existence and significance of the abuse and understand the potential impact of his abusive actions upon the victim and others.   He must accept and become accountable for his actions and bear the full onus for ceasing his abuse and changing his behavior. 


This workshop will help Family Violence Intervention Facilitators in providing psychoeducational experiences that assist perpetrators in developing accountability for their behaviors and taking responsibility for ceasing and changing their abusive behaviors

To register: Call Dr. Byrd at 404-523-6074

Cost: $85.00 
Two or more from the same agency: $50

This training has been approved by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence for 6 FVIP hours.