Court Watch Committee

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Goal: FVTFs should create a committee to enhance information sharing and improve domestic violence system processes within their local community.


1. FVTFs should track domestic violence cases as they move through the system and observe and record points at which cases might fall through the cracks of the system.

  • FVTFs should create a court watch program for their local judicial system. The following are questions that could be considered during a court watch program:
  • Are batterers being ordered to FVIP, Download this pdf file.anger management , or nothing at all?
  • Are ex parte orders and Temporary Protective Orders accessible to victims?
  • Are repeat offenders being sentenced accordingly?
  • Are Judges asking batterers to surrender their firearms?

Court Watch Resources:


      Court Watch Montgomery

  • FVTFs should consider conducting a safety audit. In depth information about safety audits can be found at Praxis International.

2. FVTFs should use the results of the court watch program and/or safety model to develop information-sharing protocols for agencies involved in responding to domestic violence.

3. FVTFs should consistently evaluate the effect and impact the protocols have on family violence victims.

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