Commission Members

Commission Members

Holly Lynn Tuchman, Chair
CEO & Executive Director, liveSAFE Resources

Judge Robert McBurney, Vice-Chair
District 5, Superior Court Judge

Judge Asha Jackson, Secretary
District 4, Superior Court Judge

Representative Susan Holmes
District 129

Representative Penny Houston
District 170

Representative Mandi Ballinger
District 23

Senator Rick Jeffares
District 17

Senator Elena Parent
District 42

Bobby CagleEx-Officio Member
Interim Director, Department of Family and Children Services

Gen. Chris Carr, Ex-Officio Member
Attorney General

Terry Barnard
Chairman, Pardons & Paroles, Board of Pardons and Paroles

Judge Joe C. Bishop
District 2, Superior Court Judge

Melissa Carter
Executive Director, Barton Child Law & Policy Center

Cynthia Clanton
Director, Judicial Council / Administrative Office of the Courts

Judge Mike Greene
District 8, Probate Court Judge

Calandra Harps
Representative for Gen. Sam Olens, Ex-Officio Member
Attorney General

Steven Hatfield
Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Judge Jeff Kight
District 1, Superior Court Judge

Mike Kraft
Director of Probation Operations, Georgia Department of Community Supervision

Rachel Lazarus
Atlanta Legal Aid

Judge Jeannette Lewis Little
District 6, State Court Judge

Judge Katherine Lumsden
District 3, Superior Court Judge

Melanie McNeil
Office of the State Long-Term Ombudsman

Jessica Nunan
Executive Director, Caminar Latino

Katora Printup
Executive Director, 
Northwest Georgia Family Crisis Center

Vic Reynolds
Cobb County District Attorney

Judge Juanita Stedman
District 7, Juvenile Court Judge

Judge David Sweat
District 10, Superior Court Judge

Kim Washington
Safety Management Section, Representative for Bobby Cagle, Ex-Officio Member
Department of Family and Children Services

Vanessa Wilkins
Executive Director, 
Promise Place

Peggy Wilson
Director at Brooks County Victim Assistance Program (VWAP)

Stephanie Woodard
Hall County Solicitor General