Law Enforcement Roll Call Trainings

The Georgia Commission on Family Violence, in partnership with the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Mike Mertz, retired law enforcement officer, have created 6 Roll Call trainings to address key moments of opportunity when law enforcement can intervene and assist victims of domestic violence achieve safety and hold abusers accountable. 

A key component to the Roll Call training series is the recruitment of and partnership with several suggested presenters, including domestic violence advocates, prosecutors, judges and judicial staff, chiefs of police and other leaders in law enforcement to assist with presenting the information to law enforcement officers. Drawing on the expertise and knowledge of the suggested presenters enriches the training program and encourages participant engagement. Developing these relationships is valuable beyond the Roll Call training program as it engages a variety of influential community members invested in keeping victims of domestic violence safe and holding abuser accountable.

The manual includes 6 complete lesson plans, training scripts, powerpoint presentation materials, and resources. 

Email Niki Lemeshka for a hard copy of the manual. Please include your name, agency, position, task force membership, targeted law enforcement agency, mailing address and phone number. Hard copy manuals include a 20 minute DVD featuring Judge Peggy Walker (GCFV Chair, 2010-2012) and Mike Mertz that explains the importance and purpose of the Roll Call trainings in your community. This video is an effective tool for garnering support from other Task Force members and community agencies.